New member from Serbia....

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New member from Serbia....


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Hi guys....
In Serbia, relocated here three months ago after living in Australia for 32 years....Elderly father is very ill, so here to look after him...Returning the favor as he puts it..hehehe
Had a business in Aust, CNC machine shop....Did heaps of ALU Tig work...been keen to build an ALU plate boat for the last 10 with some time on my hands here have a Fronius TPS 2700 coming from England, and cant wait to lay down some ALU beads with the MIG.....
Designing the boat for river work, and intend to help a good relative here as he has very little work, want to turn the hobby into a bit of a business.....Very proficient with SolidWorks and Rhino3D...So laying down some ideas and designs.... and will post all my work and pick your brains in the process...heheheh

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Re: New member from Serbia....


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Welcome! Look forward to the sharing of your talents. Godspeed to your Father's stable health as I too live Day to Day.
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