New Guy San Diego

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New Guy San Diego


Post by sb1964 »

My name's Sean, I work as a Capt. (19 years) in the so-cal Sportfishing fleet. Pretty much a mechanical background & a fisherman is all I've done. Interesting website & I'm sure there's a ton I can learn here. Thought I'd say hello.

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Re: New Guy San Diego


Post by welder »

Welcome aboard Capt.
I know some of us would love to see some pics of good fish coming out of SoCal. , are the yellow tail running yet?
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Re: New Guy San Diego


Post by goatram »

Welcome :thumbsup:
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Re: New Guy San Diego


Post by 3f8 »

Hello from the Florida gulf coast. Nice area San Diego.
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Re: New Guy San Diego


Post by kmorin »

sb1964, welcome to the Forum.

Capt'n Sean it would be a great intro-post to have a quick review of the fleet you fish in? (even) Just a few remarks about the overall size that fits the waters and fishery? Some idea of who much of that fleet is welded metal compared to other materials always attracts readers and any trend toward or away from one or another boat is interesting too. We all like to look at hull shapes; they're always interesting to compare and understand as to how they contribute to the methods of fishing used in your area.

You may not see your knowledge as more than common in your neighborhood- but we'd all get to see a closer look at that fishery's solutions through your years of experience driving boats in your So.Cal locale.

Welcome to the Forum, I look forward to your experienced insight into the boats in your fishery.

Kevin Morin
Kenai, AK

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