New owner for older Acb boat

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New owner for older Acb boat


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Hi all, this forum is a fantastic wealth of knowledge for newbies like me.
I purchased an ACB boat this winter. I believe they call it a 26ft ACB hull ( which is the length from the forward most aluminum bow edge to the boats transom). But over all the boat is 33' approx allowing for the pod, engines and front inflatable collar.
Grew up sailing with my family, and last few years spent on a 20ft whaler mid90's with a 200hp optimax. Been a great run around fishing beach boat for around the San Juan and gulf Islands. But kids are bigger we pack more gear and we want to go further, longer and work our way up further in the bc coast.
So really looking forward to getting to know this boat this season and then next season maybe do some major changes ( build a pilot house etc) or maybe just do canvas work and keep it an open boat.

All the best and thank you for your help
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