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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:38 am
by lazergriesana

My name is Janis,
I am from Latvia and own a workshop in metalworking. (aluminium, steel, stainless steel fabricates)

Not long ago did first boat by metalboatkits build files and now I want to look for something new to build as it is now as my hobby.

Maybe anyone has any ideas or maybe even has a build that is made from scratch? (aluminium)

I would look into it and maybe can make Your build in real life so You can see how it really looks.


Good luck for all of You, cheers.


Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 7:34 am
by gandrfab
Welcome to AAB.
Do you have pictures of the metalboatkits build?
Please post some, thanks.