Seiku, Wa. Skunkorama

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Seiku, Wa. Skunkorama


Post by wetwhopper » Tue May 28, 2013 5:54 pm

Couple buddies and I went halibut fishing for our first time ever. We decided we would give Seiku, Wa. a try over the Memorial Day weekend. We left Sat. @ 2AM from Ocean Shores, Wa. & trailered our boat to Seiku. Got the boat in the water and headed out to the big blue by 6ish. All 3 of us Hali virgins were able to get gear down hitting the bottom and using our contour map to locate suitable grounds. Nothing!!! :banghead:

After loosing the first round (day) to the hali's we got some rest, prayed, looked & listened for intell. and were eager to get that "first" halibut in the boat. After discussing the days failure to land a butt we decided to make a few slight modifications in our presentation. confident that we had a solid game plan we were very eager to get back out Sat morning.

We hit it hard all day with only Mr. Octopus to show for it. We had a great time and all vowed to continue make "halibut quest" a team thing and conquer its hali-butt!!!
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Re: Seiku, Wa. Skunkorama


Post by onwhiskeycreek » Tue May 28, 2013 7:48 pm

I usually just use a chunk of octopus for bait.

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