SE Coxes

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SE Coxes


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Pushed off promptly at 5AM with a plan to bounce iron on the hard bottom SE of Coxes Ledge. Made a pass thru the Mud Hole on our 32 mile journey SE,saw lots of bait, large school of dolphins, and a lonely tuna air out. Decided to keep pushing to our destination. Ride out was FAC. Hit the ledge and the water turned quickly from 67 degrees to 72 degrees. Arrived at our first spot as the only boat around, and a massive school of Chick Mahi busting the surface chasing bait. Started bailing them on light spinning gear and small deadly dicks. Put 30 or so on ice before switching gears to bounce iron clams for "Dogfish" I mean Cod :mrgreen: Did manage some very nice sea bass on jigs. Tried numerous spots for cod with nothing to show for it. Decided to head north west and try a wreck up on the ledge. Ran into another school of mahi in the 73.9 degree water. Played with them for 30 min or so and put a few more in the box as these were larger fish. Tried once again for cod only to find doggie after doggie........OK enough of our "Cod Dream" Out went the 30's with Reel Draggin Tackle green splashers....trolled towards home while filleting the chix :thumbsup: POP ZZZZZZZZZ found a school of false albacore that were enticed by the splashers.......nice to hear the 30's sing again

Got the fish filleted, and headed for the barn in the glassy slick conditions....felt good to hit the near offshore waters

Final tally for the day DOGFISH :banghead: chick mahi, Sea Bass, Monster Choggie :mrgreen: False Albacore, and a Ande Stand-up trolling rod :rotfl:

Grilled Mahi over salad greens and a cold Oktoberfest :beer:

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Re: SE Coxes


Post by Challenge »

NICE job John, :beer: sorry you didn't get any cod. the Mahi looks tasty.

It was nice to finally shake your hand a few weeks ago. :thumbsup: next time we will have to have some adult beverages!



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Re: SE Coxes



Now that's a fishin report. Whewwwww warm water huh? BRRrrrrrrrrr :eyepop: :eyepop:
It's 83-85 here Alloy, not even refreshing!
Damn thats a Seabass.

Wish we could "fillet on the way", but here in Tree hugger Florida even fishing offshore anymore is a privilege, not a "right".

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Re: SE Coxes


Post by AlloyToy »

Thanks guys!!! Rick nice to finally put a face to the name. Great meeting you as well. Jamestown is a beautiful place.

Capt. Dave great to hear from you!! Hope you're fishing hard and making money :thumbsup:


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Re: SE Coxes


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AT your making me hungry!

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Re: SE Coxes


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:thumbsup: for a great report. :beer:

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