How NOT to fishyour RIB

Where & How You Fish Your Alloy Boat
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How NOT to fishyour RIB


Post by welder »

This was sent by PJ to me to post.
(PJ it was easier to just post it -- after I watched it about 20 times!)

Darwin candidates all the way...

Bet ya watch it more than once
Why would you throw the grenade?
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Re: How NOT to fish your RIB


Post by Sabs28 »

I can't come up with reply that would be appropriate for this forum :nutkick: :skillet:

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Re: How NOT to fishyour RIB



Is that to test how well a ballon wrapped around some reinforced plastic stands up to explosions?

I GOTTA post that on my blog!

send it to me.

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Re: How NOT to fishyour RIB


Post by goatram »

did they survive? looks like the guy in the front is ready to drop one as well. Then the Sh!t the Fan :shocked:
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Re: How NOT to fishyour RIB


Post by dave »

Remember one of the Crocodile Dundee movies where he is fishing in New York Harbor with TNT? You just have to throw it a little farther away from the boat.

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Re: How NOT to fishyour RIB


Post by pjay9 »

Les, THX for posting! I really appreciate the assitance...I'll figure it out sometime! They really are dumb!
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Re: How NOT to fishyour RIB


Post by paulh »

I need to have my wife translate "Hold my beer and watch this" into Russian.

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Re: How NOT to fishyour RIB


Post by crazy »

Thanks for helping me figure out why I always come back with a headache when I go fishing. :thumbsup:

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