Suzuki DF150 vs. Yamaha F150

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Suzuki DF150 vs. Yamaha F150


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Getting ready to repower my Pacific V2025 hardtop. Boat is used for fishing, crabbing and shrimping in the San Juan islands, WA. Current engine is a 2003 Suzuki DF140. I have had this boat for 3 years and the DF140 was fine, though it seemed a little under-powered, slow to plane. Engine has some corrosion problems so not worth spending $$ to repair.

These are the two options I am considering: DF150 or a F150.

Positives for the Suzuki are: it is a brand new model, gear ratio can handle a bigger prop, timing chain vs. belt, 8 qt oil capacity, supposed to be very quiet and fuel efficient. Negative are: it is a new model, heavy vs. Yamaha, it is a new model.

According to my maintenance guy, the Yamaha is tried and true, has been around a long time with no major changes since it works well. More expensive than Suzuki and a much shorter warranty

Any opinions on either of these options?
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Re: Suzuki DF150 vs. Yamaha Y150


Post by gandrfab »

16 years is a good run for a boat motor.
One of the big decision makers is available service shop for you.

I have a good working relationship with a mercury dealer, that wouldn't stop me from getting a Suzuki or Yamaha but I also would lose my front of the line service I receive at the merc shop.
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Re: Suzuki DF150 vs. Yamaha Y150


Post by MacCTD »

If Mercury is an option I would take the Mercury 150, probably the cheapest of the three, great dealer network and warranty and made in America by an American company. The motor also has a great reputation. If your only choices are Suzuki or Yamaha I would take the Yamaha over the Suzuki, better warranty and dealer network as well as a better quality motor.
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Re: Suzuki DF150 vs. Yamaha F150


Post by welder »

I would get what ever you have the best support for.
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