No La. solo again:

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No La. solo again:



Was supposed to have Capt Kris from Dockside bait & tackle in Slidell Louisiana aboard today. REALLY was kinda upset. MY LOUISIANA/LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN CONNECTION!

Now that's stood up twice by fellow trout fisherman from La. First it was my trip to La. last Feb, by La. Sportsman TV show host Sam, and again today.

Guess I just have to tow over there for 1/2 a year. I've made it this far by myself. And sure I could wax their azzez by myself over there.
They have it so damn EZ, anyhow.

Because all I want is to find out the details about fishing Lake Pontchartrain from a Pro. We were "swapping fishing trips".

As I always say, "when I grow up, I wanna be a Gulf Coast Angler, someday."

And now, I missed my chance. Because he couldn't make it after extensive planning, while he was here. (actually Orange Park, kinda like here......)

SO, with 8 dozen live shrimp aboard. And waiting at the dock for an hour and a half for him to show I called him. And he said I texted you. I said I don't Text!

Either way. Here's a Video I made of the day after licking my wounds and continuing on my same ole path....