Reel Boxes

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Reel Boxes


Post by AlloyToy » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:48 pm

Well started the new year off with the boys cleaning the cellar.......amazing the $_it you accumulate :skillet:

So here's the deal......been fishing since I was 5 years old with my Dad. Started SW fishing at about 12 YO in the surf and bought my first boat when I was 18 Bluefin "tinnie" :joecool:. Needless to say I've bought tons of reels over the years and have all these reel boxes I've held on to all these years. What the heck do you do with your boxes? Toss them, keep them, collector's items??

Just wondering if I'm alone here..... Junk, on top of Junk, on top of junk :banghead:

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Re: Reel Boxes


Post by welder » Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:23 pm

PacificV2325, Honda BF225

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Re: Reel Boxes


Post by JETTYWOLF » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:11 am

Like collector lures, I keep them so when I sell the reels as I do all the time, I include reel box and all paperwork.

Going to the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club Thursday night with a truck load of stuff to sell or swap, because it's "swap night".

Will get good ""$$"" on these slightly used reels because I have primo boxes and all paperwork with the 4- Shimano Tekota 300's, I have for sale.

Ebay sometimes can be way more expensive and time consuming then it's really worth, I believe.

But there is exceptions:

Check ebay tackle pages to see if there is anything like what you have first, or if yours is better and the dollar amounts. Do homework first.

Old Penn Reel boxes with ""metal corners"", circa 1980's and before.

Think old....very old, quality condition.

If you have paperwork, cloth bag and tools, but no reel, they are worth hanging on too for a ebay sale, I think. You have to posess, what collectors want, though.

Once sold a ole Penn 970 power-mag casting reel (very sought out as the best surf casting reel made) Got TOP DOLLAR, because of box, tools and paperwork. And original price tag on it from store, back in 1984.

I dabbled in the Lure collector world at one time, back when I had 3 boats and loads of bizness and life was good......old MirrOlures and knock-offs of; circa late 40's thru 50's-60's. Learned that ebay ain't all that cheap to play. Kinda like gambling many times, I thought and headaches were common, because of the people most of the time, not the products.


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