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Looking at modernizing our tackle

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:11 pm
by dawgaholic
Going to get serious again after a near 30 year layoff, thus I seek the input of the many talented fishermen frequenting this fine forum.

Since our most vicious quarry will be stripers and 30+ lb. cats, I thought we go with Accurate BX2-500N's and matching rods. Anybody ever used these before? Played with these Accurate at BassPro Superstore and OMG! After they hit me with the Defib and I got my crap back together I bought two. These should easily handle our saltwater needs as well. Never used braid before and real hesitant to use it where hangups mean you are fishing in the right place.

Re: Looking at modernizing our tackle

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:19 pm
Again......I see you (like me) have way too much time on your hands.


whoa, man. You're wanting to use an Accurate on kitty-cats?

Okay, I own 8 Accurates right now, had 12 at one time.

But what you're talkin' is a mortage payment there buddy.

I can guareentee you that you'll be over-gunned to the max, besides broke.

I can also guareentee you that no matter what, what I use on a daily basis will and can catch every single Kitty or Freshwater Striper in any lake you'll fish.

BOLD, huh?

why can I say that. Because I have the proof.
-50# Redbass
-big Drum
-200# Nurses.....the equivelent of a Kitty Cat, just in the saltwater.

And even though I own Accurates. Other than the Tarpon and "100 pounder plus club" Sharks, I can catch all the above, and even prefer to catch them on a:

Shimano TRN100G (or 200G a tad more line, but not as compact)
and a Shakespeare Ugly Stik "Catfish"........yes, "Catfish" rod!

Right now on Ebay (where I shop for the best deals and 90% of my reels come from) The Shimano TRN is at it's best deal:
LINK: ... 589181da65

Yep, it may not be $450 bucks but let me tell ya. It's up to the J-O-B. And the 7' Ugly Stik Catfish rod....$30 bucks all day long at BPS.

I maybe just talking to the wind. And you may have the "reel glimmer" in yer eye balls. But the reason I use these reels more is because of several things.

-NON-corrosive (not that a $450 Accurate ever will but compared to 6500 Abu Garcia, the Shimano's are great. too)

-LEVELWIND (yep, having to "thumb back and forth is not everyones "forte")

-STAR-DRAG (yep way for the average Joe to knock the reel into free-spool while flalling fingers around, as in with a lever drag)

-CASTABILITY (YES, you can cast the new Accurates with the new cast control adjustment knob. But if the lines all bunched up from a not so good level winding thumb on the last retrieve....well there ya have it.)

-COST ( How many of these damn near and simple Shimano TRN-100G's can ya buy for "ONE" new Accurate?)

And if you want to put even a Small Accurate on a say, Trigger grip reels seat as in a "casting rod" you'll most likey have to have the reels 'reel seat' changed out to the smaller "inshore" one so the reel fits on a trigger rod.

Then, if ya want to not feel as if you're reeling up your boat on to the trailer, you'll need the smaller "inshore" speed handle versus a large power handle, used for 400# Tuna and Marlin,


Cuz you're Catfishin' and reeling in Stripers.

Oh, and BTWwhenand if ya ever snap a $30 Ugly Stik, so the hell what. Let the kids play with the two halves and get another.

I wouldn't be writting this Book, if I have not BEEN there DONE that. I used to fish with $375 G. Loomis GLX rods, and even my charters would use a Loomis that were $200 a pop! And guess what, THEY POPPED THEM ON A MONTHLY BASIS.
On the ""L.T." note aka: Light Tackle take a gander and just look at what these STRIPER nutz use:
LINK: ... Heavy.html

I use Ugly Stik "Striper rods" and use them soley for my "float-rig fishing". They are a blast and they last!
9-25-4.gif (95.69 KiB) Viewed 1500 times
Yep...Ugly Stik Catfish and Shimano TRN100G
9-25-6.gif (163.44 KiB) Viewed 1500 times
-want more??
Maybe ya like Muskie fisherman better?


Striper rods in action.....7' fairy wand, I love it!!

Hey, but if ya want no "reel" fight and have the cash and wanna look really good at the dock.... :skipper: ......Go ACCURATE, you'll be the only one on the lake I'm sure.

Re: Looking at modernizing our tackle

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:28 pm
by dawgaholic
I now own two and will enjoy them almost immediately as I head to the Lake this Weekend. Belated Christmas gifts made possible by several gift cards and a little of my own as I did a little shopping. Bought some closeout terminal tackle and made a little kiddy outfit and tackle box for the grandson.

Check on the Ugly Stix Catfish rods, will go to Sports Authority's IR sale and pickup a couple. My ultra light stuff just needs some TLC and new line and good to go. These are balanced Shimano 6' graphite sets for 4 lb. test and are blast for whatever grabs the bait but designed for slab bream and crappie.

Re: Looking at modernizing our tackle

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:51 am
If ya have an academy sports and outdoors round they carrry the catfish rods.

Never discount Ebay for rockin reel deals.

So, you already have Accurates?? Incase a tuna shows up, you'll be ready if so. Ya know the Accurate drags are massive and double, so be careful. They can pull a skier out the water maxed out.

Re: Looking at modernizing our tackle

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:31 am
by dawgaholic
Yea, treating myself for the first time in a long time with something really nice to enjoy. Academy Sports has just began putting stores up in our area so I'll sneak down there and shop them when the Wife ain't looking.

I'll begin checking Ebay out as I've not bought anything from there since my last golf clubs, which are for sale. Temps here rebounding strongly into the low 70's and with the Full Moon arising talk about some messed up fish eating habits....didn't even break a sweat landing a mess of frying pan cats but the slabs had lockjaw. I couldn't get them to hit ANYTHING and since I was only three feet from them and was watching the whole time, I even slid a minnow having a heart attack in front of one and it swam away! But the little bass lurking behind a pylon smacked it. That's why they call it fishing.