Aluminum Hull Corrosion

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Aluminum Hull Corrosion


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I have a 2000 Starfire 190. First boat and not realizing when I bought it but there was some paint bubbling on the transom and a couple spots randomly on the sides of the boat. Cleaned them off and sure enough they were holes (most less than the size of an eraser). Kind of bugs me as the rest of the boat is in amazing shape. I Also noticed around some rivers at the bottom were just barely starting to bubble. You can scrape the corrosion off with you nail pretty much and see fresh aluminum. I guess my question is when fixed what can I do to prevent this from continuing other places

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Re: Aluminum Hull Corrosion


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Aluminium hulls + stainless or monel rivets create quite bad galvanic corrosion - you need to use something like Tef Gel to isolate and separate the materials to stop the corrosion

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