24' DYI alloy remodel

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Re: 24' DYI alloy remodel


Post by Tfitz » Fri May 26, 2017 9:45 am

The trips not over yet. This bay has good internet too!
My 44" x 14" x 19" insulated fish box is working out real good. It seems to keep the fish fresh and cool. even after 3-4 hours in the box they were still floppy not stiff. We were able to stuff all 3 65 - 75lb Halibut into the box even though the fish were well over 50". The fish didn't look too comfortable "bowed" in there but we got the lid shut fine
I would highly recommend this Solair infrared grill for a boat. It's compact and has plenty of BTU's to cook things hot and fast.
Even my favorite thick moose rib steaks cook up fast and juicy.
The trip was not trouble free. While at idle checking shrimp pots my engine over temp alarm triggered at 250°F. Used the kicker to motor into a protected bay to try figure out the problem. This is what we found. One impeller blade was out of direction from the others. At idle I guess it didn't pump enough to cool
This is the new impeller, as installed, As left.

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