a good product to line the interior of the boat's alloy cabin...

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a good product to line the interior of the boat's alloy cabin...


Post by lwb44 » Sun May 15, 2016 11:32 pm

I've actually fabricated an aluminum extension from the cabin to cover the entire fishing deck of my Hewescraft 220 Searunner. I would like to glue a good liner on to the underside of the cover. Has anyone here glued a liner inside their alloy boat? Do you have a brand of material to recommend and a glue that worked well?
Any product recommendations/install tips would be appreciated.

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Re: a good product to line the interior of the boat's alloy cabin...


Post by kmorin » Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:17 pm

lwb44, sorry to have missed this post and not offered even an acknowledgement! I guess I just didn't see the link so please accept my apology for not even trying to reply?

Your question, probably answered and decided all this time after your post? is a very good question. First, the cross section of the cabin will be most influential in any product choice.

If you build a frame of extrusions, like angles or T bars, and therefore have a frame depth inside with flanges, one set of products may be applicable- but, if you used a skin based (no interior framing) cabin design then sheet only materials are more likely to be applicable.

In the case of framed cabins; insulation/insulated panels with a surface coating may be the best products to consider since their depth of insulation would be 'buried' or mounted into the framing depth. On the other hand, if you've designed a skin-only framing system - then carpet or other textile sheet material may glue onto the cabin interior with better results?

If this doesn't reach you until too late(?) please help us to understand what choices you may still have OR, if you've already done the work, please consider posting what circumstances your cabin design and build left you to: and most important what choices you made?

Pictures of owner performed boat work are the most welcomed on the Forum!

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