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Vinyl wrap


Post by ReelSong » Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:38 pm

With todays new high tech vinyl wraps, has anyone had any expieriance with wrapping an alloy boat? pro's, Con's , any idea what prep needs to be. I know most of you like to keep them raw, but I really liked the paint on my last build, and it still looks great 6 years later, but after almost killing myself painting it, I'm condidering a cool vinyl wrap on the Cope Patrol build, just not sure how well it holds up and what you think. Just wonering as I'm getting close to rolling again on the build. I have pretty much finished weld out and interior structural, so starting to think about exterior colors.
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Re: Vinyl wrap


Post by Chaps » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:35 am

A lot of alloy boats come through my shop and I see quite a bit of vinyl on hull sides. For the most part it seems to hold up better than paint. It will get puffy in spots if moisture gets under it like at welds, scratches or after-the-fact hull penetrations. The best looking jobs over time seem to be where the vinyl is a band about 12-18 inches wide that follows the gunwale with a bare side below that to the waterline. Looks like you have a natural seam running full length that would provide a bottom border for that. Keep the vinyl about an inch above that and also keep it away from the welds around the hawse pipes. The stuff sticks the best on very smooth substrate.
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