Miller 350 MIG systems

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Miller 350 MIG systems


Post by kmorin » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:38 pm

On other forums, and here too we've heard a mixed bag of responses to the MK Systems manufactured Python MIG push pull system used on the Miller power supplies and seeing some level of wire feed problems on aluminum MIG?

This same gun is (was??) sold on the Lincoln 350mp systems as 'their' push pull inline gun product. Both systems Lincoln and Miller are sold with Lincoln and Miller provisions or design features but the Lincoln seems to be mostly MK parts?

There are two main areas of difficulty with these MK made but L & M sold push pull guns that seems to effect-affect the MIG weld reliability. One is the contact tips sold by both L & M seem to react poorly to some brands of wire- including Lincoln's own SuperGlaze wire- seems to feed poorly? But when the MK engineered mod.s are installed the Lincoln superglaze is a Cadillac welding wire.

I have remarked about the two main problems MK has found- one is the micro pitting of the drive rolls offered by M & L with the Python included in their 350 series power supplies. Second is the wire hang up from arcing in the tip barrel's and both problems are solved by MK.

The parts to overcome both problems are available from MK- but in the case of the couple of Miller sold MK Python's the cost is much more expensive than the Lincoln solution due to the Miller Standard threads on the gooseneck of the Miller Python version.

Both the Miller and Lincoln Python will accept the same gooseneck- that is the seals, O'rings, bezel nut threads, and fitting tapers of the Python can join up the Miller tip end version or (AND) the Lincoln tip end version. ( the Lincoln version seems to be the 'native' MK version unmodified?? so the MK tips' mounting threads and Lincoln tips are identical- but.... Miller's tips' threads and the gooseneck tip recess threads are exclusively Miller products/spec.s)

The new aluminum drive rolls kits will fit both M & L versions of the MK Python that I've seen. That eliminates the wire feed drag on the drive rolls int he gun and avoids the motor being in the welding current 'work' lead.

The contact tips are another story. The easy part is- if you have the Lincoln version, even if Lincoln doesn't sell the ceramic pellet loaded contact tips? MK does so just go online - look up those tips and they'll fit/thread into the Lincoln's Python gooseneck fine.

To do the same with a Miller gun- you have to buy the entire new (from MK NOT>>>> Miller) gooseneck assembly so the MK ceramic pellet contact tips will thread into the gooseneck. That is a hundred or so--- more dollars--- for already expensive MIG systems; but in my experience converting a couple of Miller Pythons to MK goosenecks including the replacement drive rolls and I added tip extenders too: the cost was worth it as the Miller 350's became very smooth running MIG systems.

So, if there are L or M wire feed issues- these two steps, engineered by both gun's OEM, will work wonders on weld consistency and uniformity and make much better use of the two fine power supplies. Not remarking about Red or Blue MIG power supplies- just the two companies' sales of the MK Python without the UPDATED aluminum wire parts found to be more reliable by MK themselves.

Kevin Morin
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Re: Miller 350 MIG systems


Post by Chaps » Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:35 pm

Very informative Kevin . . . Hey Goatram!
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