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The most tragic accident ever. I am so sorry pal. Stay strong and you will get through.

If there is anything that we can do to help you, just post and I am sure many will come running to your aid.
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I am shocked and so sorry to hear of your loss. I only know of you through your Dad and the video you did recently for him. While I did not know your Dad well, I am sure he was an incredibly generous person. We corresponded several times about the boat that I am building that was similar to his. He was quick to offer his cell phone number and talk at length sharing the things he had learned. I could tell that he was one of those people that would be a great friend. He found joy in helping others based on the things he had learned. I regret that I never was able to meet him in person and thank him for the time and advice that he gave me.

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Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved father. I lost my father this September, at the age of 84. Even though he had lived a long and full life, it has still been a struggle. I can only imagine how much worse it must be to have lost your father so young and under such circumstances.

You and your family are in my prayers.

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i thank you all for your support and i went to the other links and that press release isn't totally correct
this i what really happened . . .

We went out fishing Sunday 11/30/08 we left the dock at 6:15AM after getting breakfast over at gaviolas with the other two guys that joined us on our trip.
We ran 17miles to Apple tree a wreck to try and find some bigger black fish and maybe some codfish. We pulled anchor3-4 times and never found the wreck or rough bottom.
we then moved 5 miles back to where we limited out on black fish the day before(Saturday) at South Western Ledge a big rock pile.We anchored up but fishing wasn't great, mostly begauls and only 1 black fish. so my dad wanted to pull the anchor and move up a little more because we were off the ledge. We started pulling the anchor but the anchor ball never popped up and this has happened before when we snagged something. We pulled rope in for about 15-20 min and finally got to the chain. My dad put the boat in neutral and came to the back of the boat to help us. We puled the anchor up and saw the lobster pot line, but he didn't want to cut it because it's the lobster guys lively hood and how he makes a living . then the anchor got pulled out of my dad hands because the boat was drifting so my dad let some rope out and told me to go to the helm.
he said "okay Cody put in reverse"i put in in reverse than he said "okay good, now neutral" so i did then he said"forward quick" and i put it in gear and added some throttle. . . and as i did he was standing on top of all the rope we had already brought in and the rope started going out as i started to circle around for another try.
My dad's leg got wrapped wth the rope and he went over i heard him yell and i put it in neutral. the other guy yelled man overboard as i watched my dad hold onto the gunnel trying to get it off his leg and got pulled over. I put the boat in neutral and went and got a throw ring and had the guys throw it to my dad as i went on the radio to call in a man overboard on channel 16.
i saw my dad floating with his head above the water next to the orange anchor ball and i started to head towards hima nd tiold the guys to get ready to grab him. . . they missed
i circl around this time my dad on my side
he was already under water but i pulled his head up and had both my arms under his arms trying to keep his head above the water
he was unconcious the boat was drifting and he got pulled out of my arms and was under again.
i circled around real quick and this time one of the guys got out a galf. they got his jacket and as they pulled to bring him in his jacket came off.
then i started backing down and got halfway to where i assumed my dad was and wrapped the prop with our anchor rope because the guys onboard didnt know to tell me where the line was so that didnt happen.
throughtout this i was on the radio with the coast guard and the other two gys onboard with us were shooting flares at the closest boat which we found out later was the viienne.
we finally got them to come over and by then he was already under a good ten minutes and unconcious. myself and the two otherguys on our boat were just yelling some many different things that i dont think the Vivienne new what we wanted them to do.
we finnaly got across to them that we were disabled and that my dad was still underwater straight out the back of our boat.
they grabbed the lin with a galf and followed it until they got to the bouy with my dad next to it .
they cut the anchor and brought my dad aboard and i am unsure of what they did after that.
I was now adrift and i pulled in all the anchor line and got two wraps off the prop but i couldnt get anymore off.
the reason for this was because the vivienne is a downeastern and cant go as fast as i could so i knew my dad would have a better chance if i coudl get hiom onto our boat and i didnt care how rough i wa sgoing to get him back.
the vivienne couldnt transfer my dad to a coast guard boat because it was to rough

i love my dad and i hope he lived happily and i know that he will still look out for me.
and all i wish is that the cold got to him before the more painful suffereing underwater

Cody A. McMillan
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IRONWOODTUNA(CODY) wrote: i love my dad and i hope he lived happily and i know that he will still look out for me.
and all i wish is that the cold got to him before the more painful suffereing underwater

Cody A. McMillan
Don't beat yourself over this, Cody. Hindsight is 20/20. He will be missed by all. I enjoyed bouncing ideas off him through our posts and pm's. I am truly sorry for your loss. My family's thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours.

Spending my kids inheritance with them, one adventure at a time.

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I am sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself for what happened. Good and bad things happen at sea. It seems as if at sea one thing builds on another very rapidly to bring things to a crisis state. I always paid attention to the things your Dad had to say. There is no place I would rather be than offshore. I am sure your Dad felt the same way.

Rest in Peace, Marty.

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Cody- I lost my Dad 5 years ago to Brain Cancer, he was 52 and a great guy and my fishing buddy. When my dad was sick he said that he wished he would have died doing something he loved like fishing or surfing or riding his motorcycle. I didn't know your dad well but he always offered good ideas as Matt and I did our project boat. Accidents happen and you just need to know that he loved you and he loved fishing. Make him proud, live one day at a time, and enjoy everyday like it was your last. Tight Lines!

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My deepest condolences for you. I know loss of father is very painful and difficult. I think your father was great man and you honored for him. Be strong, my prayers always with you.
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