Live in IL how to register

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Live in IL how to register


Post by KDodrill » Thu May 12, 2016 5:02 pm

Hello new here so please bare with me. I just purchased an aluminum 12 Ft boat. There is no markings on it to who made it. And there is only 6 digits for the HIN. Am I missing something for everything states it should have a 12 digit HIN. I do believe by looking at pictures it might be a Sea King.

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Re: Live in IL how to register


Post by kmorin » Fri May 13, 2016 7:26 pm

KDodrill, depending on the age and manufacturer of the boat the HIN may not have all the same digits we see today? I'm not sure about that as I haven't put and HIN on a boat in a few years. I'm sure my old prefix is likely still archived but I've not used it recently enough to recall the format?

Formed aluminum skiffs as opposed to cut plate welded skiffs tend to light on documentation because their builders were often an offshoot of the WWII aluminum manufacturer's looking for a peace time product instead of airplanes. So there have been many MANY companies come and go, some bought the tooling of one or another predecessor so the same design and build may show up with two or even three different HIN/Mfg.'s capacity labels?

Can't help without pictures but I think I recall that Sea King has been around since the 50's (if its the same company?) so there's every possibility your boat will be hard to document?

Welcome to the Forum, pictures are the most welcome post here- if it's an aluminum boat that is. Might consider Peter Eikenberry (SP?) < > He has a site with lots of builders info, he's a retired coastie and knows a lot about these subjectc so... he may help?

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