Advice needed on bilge corrosion.

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Re: Advice needed on bilge corrosion.


Post by kmorin » Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:26 pm

Karl, don't recall a Sister, but then I don't know that church well. Even in this tiny town- I only see 40-&-50 year acquaintances at their family transition celebrations; either coming to the world, leaving the world, or pairing up for the world!

SketchUP is one fine 3D interface. My license was in the low hundreds when they were in Colorado and I am proud to say I suggested the 'Golden Mean' Tool (rectangle stretch function with Golden Ratio constraint) when Sk'UP was in the earliest versions- before the sale to Google/Trimble. I still use it but not for all CAD work (Rhino, AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and Delftship Pro all have tools not found in Sk'UP) and most of my illustrations, here, are done in Sk'UP.

Not sure on 'kayaking to work' in Kenai? But I suppose there are locations where that would be feasible? Hope you do make the trip sometime, just make it in the summer so it's worth seeing without all the white litter covering everything.

Kevin Morin
Kena, AK

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