Miller 350P Aluminum Welder for rent

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Miller 350P Aluminum Welder for rent


Post by alumioforte » Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:47 pm

I have a Miller 350p and 25' push-pull gun. It is a beautiful machine. Includes pulse for less heat distortion..beautiful dime welds that look almost like a TIG weld are easy!
I am willing to rent it for a reasonable fee to any trustworthy guy on here that has a project. Lots of extra tips, wire, argon etc.

Red D Arc charges $450 per week for these machines. I will go $550 for a FULL MONTH. :clap: Treat it like your own machine please..

Great opportunity to have a $7000 welder for a lot less money if you have some one-off boat building projects..

please text me if you are interested. 2o6 335 7383
Can deliver in the puget sound region for a small fee.

Also..I can do hull drawings and lofting etc if you need any help with that..

Cheers guys..