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New From My Shop


Post by Yofish » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:04 am

The latest from my shop, a 7M nose-picker sport runabout. Did this for a young man that I've known since he was born, now a marine pilot. Tip top client in that he knows my edge and can deal with it.

For youins that are interested in the welding aspects of skiff building, the only thing interesting is the use of this relatively new MIG wire - 4943. I used it exclusively on the cab, only. A bit of a learning (and continuing) curve. It behaves like 4043 but has greater strength so they say. It is vastly easier to use overhead, up and down over 5356. Not ready to completely trust it but sure makes pretty welds with virtually no smut. One does not have to quite 'go like hell' on thin stuff. I have a personal project, a 16' pontoon cat that I'm going to use it exclusively on, in order to see how behaves under water. I'm not about to use it otherwise on a big skiff unless I get confirmation that it's sound. We will see if it does not turn grey like 4043 does over time in salt.
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Re: New From My Shop


Post by Chaps » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:10 am

Nice job and interesting to hear about potential advances in boat building technology
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please view and like:

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Re: New From My Shop


Post by kmorin » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:26 am

Yofish, in keeping with your policy of brevity, a single image post just leaves me with more questions than answers.

So, just in case you feel inclined to share a bit more about the design and build? I'll ask some of the questions that this image brings to my mind?

Starting with the trailer- not a brand I recognize, but... Is that a good brand? Your choice or the owners? Notice a bend plank bunk bolted to the trailer- what's going to happen there? plastic lining the top flange? Any other remarks about trailer? Looks nice - who reps them in Homer or AK?

regarding the stern, this view seems to suggest you've employed a similar stern arrangement that you've shown int he past- but here the after cabin bulkhead is 'right on top' of the engine's cowling when the leg is up? So, since I can't see that view- is there any aft bulkhead opening from the cabin onto the two deck surfaces flanking the engine mount? Or do they have to access that after deck from along side the cabin?

Something is running fore and aft on top the house but the pic is not close enough to make out what that might be? Is there are raised roof section aligned with the forward door? or is that just a stiffener that is external? It appears stitch welded not continuous so the exact nature is not obvious (to me) from the image?

Don't' see any hand rails along the cabin top or steps from the cockpit or side (vertical rails) to use to get from the cockpit deck up to the walk-around/sheer clamp/guard deck (whatever the shelf at the sheer is supposed to be called?) so.... wondering about that area when crew moves fore and aft along that deck surface?

Lines of the hull: is this hull the same proportional shape (forward) as the other skiffs you've shown? In this photo, I'm left with the impression that the plan view chine seems to be narrower- and the same with the topsides (sheer)? If you've scaled up your other lines ? which seems like a good way to go?- then, I'd expect that my impression is just a matter of photo view point ?? - on the other hand you may have decided to 'fine' the bow and reduce some of the "spoon" you've shown in the previous skiffs? Just as likely the point of view of the photography is showing the hull from another point of view- but I thought I'd ask?

Just a few questions that occurred to me when I saw the new picture, thanks for posting.

Kevin Morin

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