Miller 350P setting chart?

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Miller 350P setting chart?


Post by alumioforte »

Has anyone made a chart of indications of settings for a 350P?

For example, today I found that on a 1/8 to 1/8 fillet weld, 5052, i found that 3/64 wire Arc Length 25, Arc Sharpness 20, wire speed 340 made very pretty, Safeboats looking weld. I was thinking it would be cool if someone made a chart based on experience. Obviously there are a lot of variables and a chart would only be getting you in the ballpark. But wouldnt it be cool? :beer:

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Re: Miller 350P setting chart?


Post by kmorin »

Alumioforte, agreed such a chart may help but the work of collecting and publishing is not likely returned to someone who's got this power supply and uses it full time? .... so I'm agreed it would be useful info, but not likely to appear anytime soon?

I've just recently moved into a project where we adapted my water cooled Lincoln Python gun to the owner's M_350 Miller power supply and have been to weld with that combination on 1/4", 5086 H-116 using 5356 wire and both the MK aluminum wire modifications to their Lincoln marketed push pull. Just getting used to the power supply (More time on the Lincoln 350MP personally) and I could really use such a table to get started!

But a few minutes with the test blocks and adjustments seems to give a decent setting for the various conditions- of course keeping a list/catalog of these settings would go toward the list you're discussing, but taking that time isn't all that conducive to work flow either?

Doesn't Miller or Lincoln have some online references like this? I see some suggested V, WFS wires and alloys in the door's panel labels? but not used it preferring to do bend breaks or just weld to adjust settings.

Kevin Morin

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