"Newbie" on the big Candy Cane rod

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"Newbie" on the big Candy Cane rod


Post by JETTYWOLF » Sun Jul 27, 2014 6:22 pm

Stayed at the Inlet's jetties.....where the wolfie saves gas, time, be certainly not "terminal tackle". We hooked up soooo many Blacktips on light tackle it felt like all I was there to do was re-rig!

Croakers for bait, dead shrimp for bait, Lots of smaller Bonnethead sharks also.

Ronny (and I ) had a complete freight train hooked up at first on the medium tackle and then again on the Light Stuff.

So Ronny could catch one at least I went with the ole Candy Cane (Newest 30 year old MONSTER FISH rod). But the rod was kicking his azz.

Had to help out when I could. Rod assistance 101 :sarge: :sarge:

But he finally got a decent Blacktip shark...."this Doc from Canada, won't forget this too soon."

He fought seasickness most of the day too :!: :!:
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