SOLO Sunday...a zoo full of animals

Let's See Your Alloy Working
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SOLO Sunday...a zoo full of animals



Had a "consultation for my 1st "BUTT" scoping on Monday morning. So I couldn't do my usual Solo Monday R&D.

Really don't know what is wrong with people. If I was going fishing, i'd go when the guide tells me it's the best.

And that sure isn't a weekend :!: Hmmm, maybe that's why i was fired from my crap job as a turd chaser working for the State of Florida?
(where we used to say; "working for the State of Florida is a tropical depression....LOL")

Oh well. Enough "Turd and Butt" talk.

So, I had to do R&D on a Sunday with the masses of Googans (that's for you AlloyToy :rotfl: )

It was 90 degrees by 8am as usual. And this FAT boy needed a work out. My Mom's says that's why all fisherman look the same. Because fishing is "kicking back" not doing much, unlike like going to the Gym, and getting in a real work out. (I'd like to see her pull my 25 pound anchor and 25 pounds of chain, out of a pile of granite boulders 12 times in one day, with 4 people staring at you, wondering "what's wrong?".

Well, Mom. This one is dedicated to YOU. I look the way I do because my grandpa' looked exactly like me, (your father). And we both can surely suck down some cold ones after a healthy day of work. (He was one great, Pops. Thats for sure.)

#1 - I'm waiting on my stand-up fighting lap-plate and butt (OPPS,I said butt again. Sorry.) strap/belt, to help with the big tackle.
#2 - why a Ugly Stik is the toughest rods made. (hopefully we all know that already)
#3 - Any larger and yes, this is a two man show. Not a one man show.
#4 - I want WAY larger. But I can only get into these one mile from the dock (I hate a boat ride)

[BBvideo 560,340][/BBvideo]

BTW.....That Shimano TRANX is bbbbbad azzz. Largest "low-pro" bait caster know to the world.
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Re: SOLO Sunday...a zoo full of animals


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Nice video. Cheers to everybody:)
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