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Re: BOE Purchase


Post by goatram » Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:45 pm

pjay9 wrote:
goatram wrote:Lights. Live Well ones. They work and are like $10 apiece
I thought they were 'BACKUP' sensors that you ripped off the Ford bumper!!! :rotfl:

Looks like you installed 90* lip on the inboard side of your trim tab...what does that do?
knocks the spray from coming up on my motor

Sure glad all is working out for you. How's the hip coming along? Capt PJ
Good my right hip is scheduled for replacement on 20 March unless someone cancels and they call me as a fill in.

Completed Sea Trials today. got my engine displayed on the HDS. Still need to swap the Four Blade Powertech Prop back on the boat. hopefully this coming weekend will be nice (not windy) to get a fishing trip in.
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