Kudos for BOE

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Kudos for BOE


Post by goatram » Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:46 pm

I just want you all to know what Jim from BOE Marine has done. The same person on The Hull Truth and Bloodydecks posted up a problem with Lowrance?Navico's Customer Service. He was upset that he had purchased a HDS FF and a LSS-1 Structure Scan as a bundle; after installation the LSS-1 would shutoff after a few minutes. The Dealer said they could not help cause it was a bundle. Lowrance said pull the unit and mail it back and they would replace it. OP thought that because he had just bought it LR should overnight him a new one and send a shipping tag for his old one then and there. (He did send it back to LR on his dime) Two Prostaff members from Lowrance did come on line and offer to help last week as well. Numerous people have chimed in as well some bashing Lowrance as well about past issues and others thanking the OP for the heads up and based on that thread they would scratch Lowrance off of the consideration list for new electronics.

What Jim has done was to step up and offer to ship the OP a unit from his stock to get the op a good one. Here is his post from THT:
This is simply a situation that is compounded with bad timing. Lowrance has transitioned to a new unit called the LSS2 and has put big rebates on the LSS1 to clear them out. Once they are cleared out of course there will be none left to replace a faulty one with. So you had some bad luck by getting a defective one at the end of the product's life cycle.

YatchJim wrote "I just can't take any more of this Lowrance bashing. Their customer service is outstanding considering how much they sell. Have you ever had to call a phone manufacturer about a bad cell phone, or computer company about a glitch in your new $1500 laptop? Lowrance units outsell the other major brands about 10 to 1. My point is that they have A LOT of customers to serve. many of them self installers that don't know what the wake-up wire is, or can't use a voltmeter. Plus people buy these technical products from gizmo.com, or joesblendersalesandmarineelectronics.com to save $7 and the vendor has no idea what they are selling. Furuno is brought up often, but they are at the other end of the spectrum. The majority of their systems are professionally installed, and they have a tiny little fraction of the customers Navico has. So of course they can pick right up to help you.

There have been several attempts from Navico's fine dealer and prostaff network to help this person out. We can only help you if you are willing to be helped. If you are just pissed off and want to bash the company because you bought an end of life product, then so be it. If you want to be helped then grab the line.

I just called my rep, told him about your problem, and he said "of course you can swap it out for him". He knows you didn't buy it from me but doesn't care. He knows we have units and can help you. So here is the last line I can throw to you. Call us up, ask for Jim, and what I can do is ship you a complete new LSS1 unit with a UPS label to return the defective unit. Sound like a plan? 866.735.5926 x104"

In Febuary I bought my HDS Gen 2, LSS-1 and 3G radar from BOE. I got a very good price as well as the free shipping. Last year this time I purchased my Simrad Autopilot as well from him. This is Customer Service that Speaks volumes :thumbsup:
Price and Capabilities is what drew me to Lowrance. Their service after the sale is good and getting better. Vastly improved from three years ago. My two cents :soap:
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Re: Kudos for BOE


Post by Sculpin » Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:13 pm

That is awesome service and they are not even the ones who sold him the system!!!! Just good faith in the product. I am a Lowrance user because of everything you just posted John. I think it is the best stuff for the buck. I have an excellent local dealer that knows their stuff and can take care of everything for me and there pricing is great. I know I'm lucky and there are some folks that don't have dealers like that locally and have to buy online etc.

It is stuff that works great, easy to use, and is some what affordable.

Thanks for sharing that.

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Re: Kudos for BOE


Post by dave » Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:20 pm

I have also found Jim very helpful. I bought my PLB from him.

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