Bass Pro/Cabelas entry into welded aluminum

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Bass Pro/Cabelas entry into welded aluminum


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Thoughts on this product? Appears the welds and materials are same quality as all the other mass builders. Can only assume corners will be cut everywhere else to keep the costs down. Time will tell once they start selling big volume and customers begin to post.
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Re: Bass Pro/Cabelas entry into welded aluminum


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I researched them when shopping for a boat this year. They are made by Thunderjet. All the alloys and thicknesses are the same as their corresponding model. There are some rather pedestrian money saving changes on the interior, and I have no idea what’s going on under the floor. That being said, I would guess it’s a pretty solid boat, simply because the price was within $1500 of a thunderjet before options. This could very well change in the future, especially with the way Trackers are constructed to a price point. Right now, it didn’t make any sense to try and save a grand on a new boat, but it may for someone else.
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