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If the performance numbers this company is advertising are remotely accurate, they may be on to something. Maritime engineering Group apparently has 3 versions, a 175 HP, 225 HP & 300 HP version, although they curiously omit the words "Horsepower" and refer to them as power levels. Burning 6, 8 & 11 GPH respectively at WOT is incredible efficiency. Take for instance the Yamaha F225 4-stroke. It burns 19.3 GPH at WOT on a 23' Cobia. Assuming the 8 GPH figure refers to the 225 "power level" diesel, it burns only 40% of what the Yamaha burns. In other words the Yamaha burns 140% more fuel.

There are some drawbacks however. It seems they weigh about 24% more than comparable 4-strokes (723 vs 583). An EPA tier 2 rating could become problematic as well. But these numbers are all pre-production. I would think some of these issues could be addressed in later production models.

H.D. Alloy boats wouldn't care if they weighed more...thats fer sure.

With counter-rotation available I would think these motors would work well on heavier hulls designed for multiple engine applications where transom weight would present less of a problem. I'd like to hear more about this company.

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I'll take one of your 16 footers and one of these or twins (add me in some floatation) and I'll give up all the big BS.
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Re: diesels


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There is an English company developing diesel outboards for the military. It is an interesting design with opposed pistons in each cylinder sleeve. They claim it will be half the size and weight of conventional turbo diesels of equivalent power; with a power to weight ratio similar to 4 stroke gasoline outboards.

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Re: diesels


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Are there any updates to diesel outboards and how they are performing? My hope is this continues to grow amd mature into reality for other than military. Diesels and marine applications is such a natural fit. Downline
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