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New to this...


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I've never owned a boat in my life. I'm 37, and the closest thing to a boat I've had is a waverunner when I was in my early 20's. I say this to give you warning that things I say, might sound odd. Please bear with this newby, here we go...

My father-in-law was an avid fisherman and boater. His favorite boat (out of the 2), was a Lone Star aluminum boat. He had it white, white vinyl interior with blue piping, all the goodies for a good fishing trip, and it was cherry. Almost 18 years ago, he passed away. This boat set in the storage lot for several years until my mother-in-law got tired of paying for the storage and brought it home. It has set in her driveway the remaining of these years. I've asked to buy it, asked if I could just take care of it, asked if she would give it to me, everything short of stealing it. For almost 15 years I watched this boat reach a state of disrepair that was almost heart breaking, but it was her husbands and she wanted to keep it near. I probably would have also. This last week she gave it to me, and that it how I have stumbled upon being a boat owner. Now, all I have to do is get this thing lake-worthy again, so I need some help. This is how it's set up now;

Johnson 48 SPL (long shaft)
CMC Controls

I have checked the motor for compression, and it seems good. It also seems to weigh heavy on the transom, perhaps because it is mounted higher? This 48SPL has a manual tilt for lifting the motor out of the water, and the lever that the cable attaches to broke where it attaches, so the motor at this point will not tilt. Now, in this gift from my MIL, I also received the motor that was on the boat originally (if I understand correctly, I haven't gotten all the paperwork from her yet.). It is a Evinrude "Lark" E40, with a short shaft. It is in the garage on a motor stand, also in the same spot for 18 years. I have an appointment to drop it off with the repairman tomorrow for an estimate. I would like to take in both motors to find out the working state of both, but I am trying to figure out a few things.

Which would be the better motor for the 18' aluminum boat. A Johnson 48 SPL with a long shaft, or the Evinrude Lark E 40 with the short shaft?
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Re: New to this...


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The better motor would be whichever one runs!

The illustration below shows a good relationship between a boat and a motor. The big plate above the prop should be as shown (relative to the bottom of the boat) so whatever motor closely depicts what you see in the diagram is the better fit.


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Re: New to this...


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Does it look like this one?
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