Donations for the New Year

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Donations for the New Year


Post by kmorin »

Any regular reader of this great forum knows I'm an unofficial cheerleader for certain causes- and it ain't changin' much in the near future.

I'm the site's official Mill Scale gnat-zee; I'm the "language political officer" who tries to get everyone, all posters to skip the "G-word" when discussing onboard electrical circuits- especially the DC kind; and if I could outlaw embossed plate as deck material I'd like to see that happen.

But those issues are not what I'm posting about today; I'm posting about contributions or donations to the site. Welder, our host and 'inn keeper' provides the site for those of us who are interested in welded aluminum boats, and we all enjoy his digital hospitality.

I'd say it was just good manners to leave the price of a nite out with mates or your Mate, and help welder to defer his costs? If you read the articles and learn, if you ask a question and learn, if you just get a nice evening's entertainment sharing others' experiences in many (MANY) aspects of these boats??? well what about showing a small token of appreciation for the guy who foots the bill for 'your' enjoyment?

If you avoid a mistake, fix a potential problem or in any way gain from your new knowledge??? Well I'm not sure; but I'd say you're actually ahead of the learning-about-metal-boats game ; and that's solely because welder took it on his own to mount the site!

If you go out with friends and have a beer, share a meal or see a movie; that enjoyment has a cost we all expect and consider it a 'quality of living' expense worth whatever we pay to the establishment where we share together.

My request is that all the readers, lots of the posters do so automatically, consider a gift of the price of a nite out to help defer welder's overhead for the site? If you've received some 'value' for reading the site, why not consider sending a donation - doesn't have to be as much a dinner out for the 1st Mate, but a 20 or a 50 here and there goes a ways toward paying welder's rent online.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I donate every year because I use welder's 'shop' and treat it like I do all the shops that allow me space (and have for many years here in my local area). I like to leave it cleaner than I found it and at least once a year leave drop off a "case of beer or a quart of something decent to sip" for the consideration of their hospitality.

Merry Christmas to all on the Forum please accept my wishes for (very) Happy New Year and my thanks to welder for his hospitality. Hope y'all'll consider his costs as part of your enjoyment of the site this year?

Kevin Morin
Kenai, AK