trailering a pacific 23?

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trailering a pacific 23?


Post by slug420 »

Can anyone share their thoughts/experiences on trailering a pacific 23? I seem to recall from when I researched aluminum boats a while back that per loa, a welded aluminum boat was considerably lighter than a glass boat.

I have a F150 with the 3.5 ecoboost as a tow rig, and I live in CT so I could be trailering 6 hours north to VT/ME (through the white/green mountains), or an hour south to the beach. I expect I would keep it at my house and trailer it whenever I was going to use it.

A 20 would certainly be easier, but I would probably feel more comfortable in a 23 if I spend much time in the salt.
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Re: trailering a pacific 23?


Post by Fisherman »

I trailer a 20' aluminum on a galvanized trailer...4,300 lbs with a F150. I just purchased a new boat that combined boat and trailer is 5,300 lbs. Not a problem.

Go get yourself that 23' boat and put an aluminum trailer under her and have fun.
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Re: trailering a pacific 23?


Post by Hurly »

I towed a 23 with an f150 for years. Mine had the 6.2, however, I believe the eco has more torque. It is a non-issue. Get the 23. It is an awesome boat.

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Re: trailering a pacific 23?


Post by ShiverMeTimbers »

I have a 2016 F150 3.5L ecoboost and tow a Hewes 240 Pacific Explorer, about 7500lbs of boat/trailer. I purchased Air Lift Ride Control bags for the rear axle. ... decontrol/ When pumped to 55lbs, it helps the ride and adds stability. I wouldn't hesitate to tow a 23' boat with that setup.
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