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Post by gandrfab »

Over the last few years the small hand held light industry has been changing.
Bulbs to LEDS, multi LED, Single LED and a bunch of lying about brightness and lumens.
I have had a few low dollar small LED lights and they worked for close up and indoor use.
A few years back I got to try a nice small bright as *^&% light, omg Q-beem in your pocket bright.
At that point I gave up my search for a decent brightness, cheap, quality, small light.

Well I picked up a small flashlight as a stocking stuffer for our younger daughter and to my surprise it fit 3 out of the 4 requirements so far. decent brightness, cheap,, small light, quality is yet to be determined. For under $10 this little light is a beast.
Ozark Trail LED Flashlight, 200 Lumens, Slide focus control.

high, low and flash setting that you have to cycle through if you want something other than the bright setting that it starts out with.
I picked hers up at walmart, https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail- ... s/49961660

Any other kickass little flashlights that we could look into?
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Re: Flashlights.


Post by MacCTD »

I love flashlights, I will check that one out, I have a bunch of SureFire and Maglight flashlights but several years ago found the Rayovac virtually indestructable line, https://www.walmart.com/ip/Rayovac-RAYD ... k/37697749 I have 4 or 5 of them in different sizes, they are super tough, IMO one of the toughest flashlights I have ever used.
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Re: Flashlights.


Post by Wantry »

8-10 years experience with Streamlight and over time they have replaced almost all my other lights. Bright, great form factor, not cheap but they last forever. I have their Polytacs stashed all over the place so that I have one within ready reach at all times; TLRs on some varmint control devices; and I keep a Protac HL in a couple places where I need a "big" light. The one on board my boat is out in the weather from April to December, always works, throws a tight enough beam to pick up nav aids at a reasonable distance in unreasonable conditions, and it has functionally outperformed and outlasted, and therefore replaced, all the other "big" spots I used to use.

These are all higher price point lights than OP's, but they are targeted for a different audience. I can't comment on Streamlight service because so far I have yet to fail one.

In general I would say that the alkaline powered lights are OK for non-critical applications, but if it is a safety or security issue for you to have a handheld light come ON when you need it to, then CR-123 powered, IPX7 rated lights are the ticket. The Polytac HP is probably closest to what you are looking for, puts out a hell of a lot of light, fits in a jeans front pocket, clips onto a hat brim for a jerry rigged headlamp, you can hold it in your teeth without breaking them, retails for about 50 but can be had for about 35 if you shop around online -- try police supply houses.

I have also used comparable lights by Pelican and Fenix, both of which I like, and I recommend Streamlight over them.
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Re: Flashlights.


Post by alumioforte »

Steamlight and Surefire are the 2 best options.
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